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By The Numbers #2

We’ve now been riding for just under three months and North America has flown by. Within two weeks we will reach the Mexican border that will bring a great deal of change to our journey. Our diets are going to switch from peanut butter and pasta to beans, tortillas, and rice. Our typical lunch breaks will be missed, but we’re excited to move on to the next leg of our trip.  We are riding along some of the most beautiful coastal highways on the Pacific coast.  It has already been a wild ride down Highway 1 and there are many more stories to come.

In our last numbers post we tallied up the first month. In three months we have covered just about all of North America and have a number of things that we are proud and thankful for.  Here’s our accounting from San Francisco:

Total Miles Covered: 4035 mi

Longest day: 109 miles from Mt. Hood to Bend, OR

Longest streak of consecutive riding days: 12 

Laugh attacks while out riding: 3-20

Bleached eyebrows: 2

Rest days, sans rest: Hiking in Jasper, Cyclocross race in Portland, Building with H4H in Bend, and dancing in San Fransisco

Dance Skill Atrophy Index Score: 100%

Days ridden without rain: 27 days

Most consecutive days without a shower: 5

Average cost for each day: $4 per person

Days sick: 0 *knock knock*

Best pen pals: 3rd Graders from rural North Dakota (more on this later!)

Culinary Innovations: Campbell’s Chunky soup with pasta, ricotta cheese and potatoes

Best food splurges: Smoked pork ribs, Jenny’s Burgers, “12 Tacos for $10” deal at Taco Bell

David’s Role: The Sergeant

Isaiah’s Role: The Cheerleader

Nathan’s Role: Professor Pumpkin

Most Epic Campsite:  Treacherous cow pasture on the cliffs over the ocean, with unknown vehicle stalker.

Quickest Campsite Departure: 30 minutes after waking at 5:45AM from the treacherous cow pasture on the cliffs over the ocean

Habitat Donation Total: $4,140

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  1. Jim and Elizabeth Berg #

    So good to hear from you again…and to see some more “numbers”. If you could, please clarify the “Professor Pumpkin” role as well as describing team morale when the group goes without a shower for five days. It would also be helpful if you would publicly thank the family who allowed you to shower after five days. LOL.

    It would have been good to have a musical selection with this “numbers” post… Surfing music or something. Keep pedaling…keep posting…and share your gifts with those you meet.

    Mom, Dad, Marta and Grandpa

    p.s. Mom and Marta told me about the bleached eyebrow problem. Picking rocks on the farm will solve this, you know.

    November 13, 2011
  2. Nettie #

    What awesome posts you guys have. These “numbers” are so impressive!I We can tell by your comments that you are having fun, but more importantly that you are in Gods care.

    You are in our prayers constantly . Keep up the posts, they are little windows for us to see into your awesome adventure!!
    Karl and Nettie

    November 13, 2011
  3. krista #

    Are those two bleached eyebrows on the same person?

    As long as your frame is good, the atrophy index should decrease significantly.

    I am also curious about the Professor Pumpkin role.

    3rd grader pen pals sound awesome! Especially if they drew you pictures.

    Hoping all continues to go well.

    November 13, 2011
  4. My students were so excited to get the new ‘Numbers’. They ask about you often and could not believe that you have ridden over 4,000 miles. They also loves the pictures. Keep up the good work and next week we will begin working on your package. Thank you for all you do, Mrs. Hansen and her 2nd graders from Minot.

    November 16, 2011
  5. JB #

    Hi !

    We still follow your ride and stories from France… and we envy you !!

    Take care,

    JB & Vanessa (from the Cassiar Highway)

    November 16, 2011

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