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Respite in British Columbia

We thought we could do a 40-hour-driving-marathon to Alaska.  It turns out we couldn’t.  I’ll accept the blame; many days of limited sleep leading up to our departure caught up with me and I’m now battling a nasty cold as we drive north.  We stopped last night at a Super 8 and are all feeling a little better after a night of sleep.  We’ve got 27 hours on the road completed.  We’ve got 21 to go!

We want to wish a special happy birthday to Donald Boisvert of Grande Prairie, Alberta.  A local man with a great wit and a hearty laugh, he found us attempting (unsuccessfully) to take a dignified photo in front of the GIANT statue of a beaver in Beaverlodge, Alberta.  He took a photo with us and chatted with us for a good while.  He had extensive knowledge of the area, local businesses, and a variety of famous Canadians, of whom Justin Bieber is our personal favorite, of course.

The road beckons, and we haven’t even started riding yet.  Time to get to it.

Bound North

It’s been years since we first dreamed of this journey.  It has been a matter of days since our bicycles were built at Paramount Sports, our expedition gear was provided by Scheels All Sports, and our lives were fit into five small bags.

The thing you miss the most in leaving is love.  Our family and community has showered us with a powerful kind of love that is hard to leave and impossible to forget.  That is why we’ll come home as soon as our work is done.

We’re on the road to Alaska now.  Forty hours later, we will sell our car and take our Surly Trolls on the road.  Until then, we’re bound north for Anchorage.