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By The Numbers #1

With over a month between us and Anchorage, the time has come for an accounting.  We reminisce about our single flat tire that occurred within two hours of beginning our trip in Anchorage and the endless washboards and blueberries of the Denali Highway.  We ride each day as jars of peanut butter, bags of rice, and kilometers accumulate in our wake.  Each day is its own adventure which makes it easy to forget how much lies behind us.  I won’t try to explain any of the inside jokes that have developed between us, but I will show you the numbers behind the journey thus far.  And maybe a few jokes.

This is a nontraditional post for Bound South.  I even chose some theme music.  Since we are passing through Canada I am featuring a Canadian artist that we all enjoy.  To start things off for my numerical post, a numerical song by Feist:

A quick sample of the food that’s been put before us:

Now that we’ve piqued your appetite here are the cold, hard, numerical facts of Bound South. Enjoy!

Miles Covered: 1915

Max Speed: 39 mph

Steepest Grade: 10%

Hours Riding: 184 hrs

Flat Tires: 1

Isaiah’s Bike Fails: 2.75 (.75 for bike tipping)

David’s Bike Fails: 1

Nathan’s Bike Fails: 1 (David’s fault)

Calories Consumed: ~580,000

Peanut Butter Consumed: 24 lbs.

Trail Mix/Granola/Raisins consumed: 12 lbs.      

Honey Consumed:  1.5 gallons

Rice and Noodles consumed:  Countless servings.

Roadside Cookie Donations: 3

Photos taken: 2094

Memorable Quotes:

“David, you’re like the sergeant” Host in a hot-tub in British Columbia.

“Boys, don’t tell your mother I gave you this” – Host mother in British Columbia

“Such a double standard!” -Me, referring to a standard that applies to them and me

“You’re going the wrong way!” – Alaskan locals, informing us that Argentina was the other way.

“I’m reading War and Peace, your books are 100pg children’s novels half of which are pictures!” – Isaiah pretentiously comparing his completed books with my own.

Favorite Meals:

Breakfast: French Toast in Dease Lake at Mama Z’s

Lunch: Chinese Buffet in Frasier Lake, BC with Wendy

Dinner: Salmon Dinner in Cantwell, AK with Bob and Janie

Website Views: 23,493

Favorite Website Search Engine Hits:

“metaphors for ice cream”

“met a guy at gas station”

Commenter of the Month: Krista

The numbers have been crunched, and the results are in: we’ve had an amazing first leg of our journey.

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  1. Jim and Elizabeth Berg #

    Boys, Does your father have a chance at being awarded the “commenter of the month”? Also, piqued is spelled piqued (I know you are smiling). We really enjoyed this first posting by Nathan and we suggest a few more additions: What is the number of songs you have worked up to sing to your hosts?? How many minutes in the shower does it take b/4 you smell clean? How many changes of clothing do you have with you? # of wild animal sightings?

    We are so thankful that you have maintained your health, your sense of humor, and your trust in each other and the Lord. You lift our spirits when we read your posts. Pedal on and rejoice in each day knowing that your interaction with the people you meet is your gift to them.

    Again, thank you to everyone who has fed, hosted, and/or encouraged our boys.

    Mom and Dad, Marta and Grandpa

    September 21, 2011
    • Ah, thank you for the grammar correction! As far as answers to questions: 2, 7, 2 other than riding clothes, just under 10 black bears.

      September 22, 2011
  2. Paul Overby #

    That looks like a great energy sandwich!

    September 22, 2011
  3. Jame #

    YAYYYY A Nate post! 🙂 So happy to hear your voice in my head as I read your words.
    ps: The amount of peanut butter is disgusting and amazing. Do you still even like the taste of it anymore?!?
    pps: what kind of weird stuff popped up in your search about “met a guy at a gas station”….
    ppps: MISS YOU! So proud of these risks you’re taking, and so happy for the lucky people that get to interact with you along your journey.

    September 22, 2011
    • The pb is a favorite that will never fade, mostly because our bodies are so hungry each time we eat 🙂 The search engine thing is what other people searched for and somehow were linked up to our site.

      September 22, 2011
  4. Great stuff! Keep it up and be patient with each other. This is an experience that will mark your lives forever. Wonderful. Take the bad with the good because on a trip like yours you will encounter both. Never give up!

    September 22, 2011
  5. Aunt Sue #

    There’s a contest with a commenter award? Wow. My competive spirit has been piqued.

    Keep up the posts – loved hearing from all three of you over the miles.

    September 22, 2011
  6. Bruce and Rita Kitsch #

    Wow, its hard to believe you guys have traveled the same path that Bruce and I did just one month ago. The pics you posted and the places you have travel are very similar. Its so neat to think that all the thing we missed in the car you have seen on a bike, how awesome is that. I think and read your blog as much as I can. When is your next mail stop? We still would like to sent you something, what ever your needs are at your next mail stop. We were so hoping that we could have meet you on our jouney, but time did not allow. God bless you on your road ahead, with good health and generous people. Bruce and Rita Kitsch

    September 22, 2011
    • The next mail drop has just been updated in the route page. Look forward to the goodies 🙂

      September 24, 2011
  7. Kathy Hill #

    Dearest Berg boys:

    I’m so thrilled to be reading about your adventure and it makes me long to re-enter the days of Bike and Build. I was listening to one of the audioblogs and didn’t recognize Isaiah’s voice! Has it been that long?!

    I, too, plan to send you some care package love at your next major stop. Do you have a wish list of things you’d like sent?

    September 22, 2011
    • I miss Bike and Build as well. This has been a decent substitute and cure for my withdrawal!

      If it has an encouraging message or a lot of calories, or both (perhaps a postcard made of snickers bars? haha kidding) it is a perfect care package!

      September 24, 2011
  8. Quincy Bird #

    Hey Guys,

    A former Alaskan here who checks your blog regularly hoping that another message in a digital bottle has washed up on my flourescent-lit desert island 32 floors above the streets of Tampa, FL. Thanks for never disappointing!

    I made the drive from AK to the Lower 48 several times as a kid, but never made it down the Cassiar. From the looks of your pictures, seems like I missed out. I do know that road north of Palmer to Cantwell very well, though–and didn’t envy you fellas that climb!

    Keep up the good work. Curious as to why you didn’t opt for clipless moutain bike pedals. I’ve found the Shimanos I ride with both comfortable and durable (at least on the “climbs” here in FL).

    I don’t know if the Dartmouth cycling team and ski team run in the same circles, but a close high school friend of mine skiied there from 2002-06 and is now a biathlete for the national team. Any of you know Zach Hall?

    Anyway, we’re pulling for you. Godspeed, Gentlemen!

    Quincy Bird

    September 22, 2011
    • We opted for platforms just for simplicity; it’s one less pair of shoes to carry, and we like our hiking boots and can use them easily for off-the-bike hiking and general use. I’ve always used clipless before but I can’t say we’ve been missing it on the ride!

      There is a lot of cycling team/ski team overlap, but I can’t say I knew Zach Hall! I would have arrived in the fall of 2007 so I probably just missed him.

      Thanks for reading!

      September 24, 2011
  9. krista #

    Hooray for comments! :p

    Also, was wondering when Nathan would chime in as a scribe.

    You should be able to point out Isaiah’s bike fails when he brings up the books thing. I am reading a new novel that is illustrated, actually.

    Alex recently acquired a copy of The Orphanage from a coworker, and I recall that time you so fittingly described its Spanish title. The ‘double standard’ bit reminded me of that.

    So much peanut butter! Do you stick to one brand? Creamy, chunky, mix it up? One time Evan and I had a Pepsi challenge with peanut butter. He said Jif was better, but I had always used Skippy… I concluded that Jif was better for sandwiches, and Skippy sufficed for toast.

    September 22, 2011
    • We have stuck to creaming pb in the past, but we just took a chance on chunky at the grocery last night. We were worried about spreading difficulties… I stick to crunchy jif when not biking out and about.

      September 24, 2011
  10. sarah daeuber #

    I always knew that Nathan had it in him!

    September 22, 2011
  11. Cookie Monster and Co. #

    We’re honored to learn that our roadside cookie donation made your list! We enjoy following your blog, thanks for giving us a card!

    September 25, 2011
  12. JB #

    Hi guys !

    Your “Tour-de-France-like” pictures taken on the Cassiar are coming soon…

    Did I tell you how much I’m lost in front of your project? In fact, today, I read something new on your blog, which increased one more time my admiration: not only are you able to lead a project like yours, but you’re also able to swallow 24 lbs of peanut butter !!! I hate this greasy material so much… 😉

    See you in the French Alps after Argentina !


    September 25, 2011

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