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Missing_the_open_roads between Alaska and Argentina is easy at this point.  Since returning home we’ve been working on our family farm in North Dakota, praying for rain and driving tractors as we fly through the growing season.  The steady rhythm of farming, the planting and growth that leads so inevitably to harvest, is a life apart from the wild unpredictability of a day by bicycle.  One is rooted, the other nomadic.  For a summer, at least after so many months on the road, rooted is a good thing.

The central idea of Bound South was that we could not only seek stories, self-transformation, adventure, and brotherhood, but also contribute to a good cause.  That idea is coming to fruition this August as we begin building a house we have co-sponsored with Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity.  That all of those many miles and faces of the Americas would lead to a physical home for a family in need is truly humbling and inspiring.  We are so proud and thankful for the good that will be done through the generosity of so many family and friends.

Within the next couple of months, this chapter of our lives will truly come to a close.  David will travel to New Hampshire for college, Nathan will leave the farm to begin his own career, and I will begin training at the United States Marine Corps Officer’s Candidate School in Virginia.  The three of us will probably never experience this kind of an opportunity again, with all of us together, in the same place, chasing the same dream.  It was a beautiful thing to share as brothers, and it will be equally beautiful to recall and recount in the years to come.  We’re going to make for some mighty fun uncles someday.

For now we content ourselves with super fast rides on our skinny-tired road bicycles, reminiscing about all of the crazy stories from our journey, and continuing our work with Habitat and our forthcoming e-book.  Thank you for following us, and in doing so, becoming part of this story that is Bound South.  It is a blessing to see these dreams come to fruition.

Dad and Isaiah showing off some teamwork while on vacation. They made the shot.

Walleye fishing on the Lake of the Woods in northeastern Minnesota and southwestern Ontario.

The day’s catch.

Family photo

Waves of grain

Canola in bloom

Lightweight steel and carbon bikes, check. Honda Big Red to get us to pavement, check. Game faces, check. – We really like our road bikes.

July project: new shingles

Job done.

Ripened waves of grain.

The harvest crew.

Event 1 of the Berg Family Farm Olympics: the 800 meter combine dash.


Barley, barley chaff, and more barley chaff (this stuff isn’t fun).

Nathan and his workhorse

Dad and Jamie (a friend from Fargo who is working with us) were a part of the trucking crew. 

Mom’s flowerbed

Familiar roads.



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  1. Treasure Omdahl #

    My husband and I and friends I know traveled vicariously with you and we await your book. Your parents must be very proud of you as I was, too, and I’ve never even MET you! Sounds like you’ve made the most of the summer, too. Good luck with future plans. Hugs – Treasure Omdahl

    August 9, 2012
  2. Connie Omdahl #

    I have so enjoyed your adventure. So admirable. You are good people.

    Connie Omdahl

    August 9, 2012
  3. So glad you guys are home and that your project has a fruitful and wonderful ending. Harvest in the Palouse (SE Washington State) is almost at full swing – depending on how far west farms are. The farther west, the sooner harvest begins. Remember our rolling hills? They’re so interesting now with amber, gold, somestill a little green, and some white crops. Take care and thank God for your successful journey, and a wonderful family to come home to. Pam Guptill, Diamond, WA (you stayed in our garage one night last September).

    August 9, 2012
  4. It was truly a pleasure to follow you on your journey Bound South. i admire what you have accomplished together as brothers and those memories will be treasured for a lifetime! We need more people like you and your brothers in this world. Good luck to all three of you on the next chapter of your lives. Life is an interesting place 🙂

    August 10, 2012
  5. Don Myrvik #

    We are grateful for the wonderful reports you have shared throughout your experiences over the last year. You are men of faith, men of adventure, men of promise, and men to be admired, by people of all ages. We are sorry to be at Spokane next week for a cousins reunion, so we will not be able to join the Habitat project in August.
    In the meantime, thank you, and God is with you!

    August 10, 2012

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