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Mailbag Monday #14

Today_we_continue our Mailbag Monday series…

We’ve had a ton of fun chatting with our pen pals, and here is the final letter, unless we get more…

Dear Nathan,

My name is Shane.  I like video games.  What do you like to eat?

Your friend,


Rainy climbs in Ecuador

Hello Shane,

I’ve been known to play video games every once and a while. My brothers and  have been on a pretty significant drought, although I did beat the Angry Birds game on my brothers iPhone. I was thinking about hanging up video games since I hit the pinnacle of my career, but I figure I should keep my skills sharp in case something more difficult comes along.

Lately, the bakeries in South America sell pineapple pastries that are impossible to resist. If there was one type of food that I miss currently, I would have to say a good sandwich. It has been several months of tacos, rice, and now chicken. It’s going to be an adjustment to come home to a kitchen with all the fixings. The simplicity of this trip has been an eye-opening experience; I won’t soon forget the convenience of a permanent home.

Thanks for writing!


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  1. krista #

    Not many games you can play on the road, for sure. 😉 You should try Plants vs. Zombies next!

    El casamiento de fruta y pan es maravilloso. Donde tu regresas, yo quiero hacer un pastel para ti. Results may vary.

    Ecuador is so green! /jelly

    March 12, 2012
  2. Allison Stoltz #

    Hello Nathan,

    We are glad to hear that you can still play video games a little. We are enjoying some unusual weather again. It is supposed to be 70 degrees today and 75 this weekend! Here are some questions:

    1. Have you seen any bats (the mammal), bears, or snakes? Any others that we don’t have in ND?
    2. Do you have rain coats for the rainy weather?
    3. Has anything funny happened lately?
    4. How many levels are on angry birds? How long did it take you to beat it?
    5. Have you bought yourself a large sombrero yet?
    6 Have you been to any sports games?
    7. How humid is it?
    8. Have you gone swimming along the way?
    9. Did you enjoy your time in Mexico?

    Have a great day! We will play in the sunshine for you.
    Ms. Stoltz’s class

    March 13, 2012
    • Hey! I heard about the odd weather in North Dakota, it makes our trip look bad when we have nothing to brag about, temperature-wise.
      1) We did see some bats! In our Mocoa-Pasto climb we had a bat or two flying around us as we were changing a flat at dusk. We needed to have our headlamps on to see and that attracted moths, and that attracted the bats. They were very quiet and didn’t bother us one bit. There isn’t much in the way of big game in South America. We haven’t seen any large snakes since Central America, but we did see a really fast lizard that was about two feet long. A picture exists of a tarantula in a post a few weeks back I believe.
      2) We have rain coats for the most part that double as winter shells, and we are looking at getting some rain pants for the really cold wet days.
      3) I just about fell over in a river crossing, but I don’t think it’s funny…
      4) We just have the free version of Angry Birds, so I think there are about twelve levels. Isaiah had beaten some of them before I took charge, and I suppose I picked at it for a month or so. I was busy with other things during that time if you can imagine.
      5) No sombreros yet. We don’t have to much room on our bikes for fun items, and the baseball hat I have does a decent job of keeping the sun out of my eyes. I do think that a big enough sombrero would offer full body protection and the possibility of a sail application, but I’ll suffice with what I have.
      6) I played a few Madden football games, and a bit of Fifa. My heart for sports games lies with Mario Tennis, even though I’m unsure if that qualifies.
      7) Depends on where we are, but overall it seems to be pretty humid.
      8) We swim in the occasional mountain stream to bathe, and plan on hitting our first beach since La Paz, Baja in a day or two!
      9) We loved Mexico! We miss a lot of the people that we met along the way, and everything about the food. If we would have thought ahead we should have bought several hundred tortillas.

      Nice hearing from you again! Not fair you can brag about the sunshine 😉

      March 13, 2012

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