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Mailbag Monday #13

Today_we_continue our Mailbag Monday series…

Dear David,

How is your trip?  I love to ride bike.  I take piano lessons.  I am realy good at my Chrimas songs.  How many miles do you ride every day?  I am in the 3rd grade in the Hazelton School in North Dakota.  I have a farm.  I have kittens at my farm.  They are about 6 weeks old.  What kinds of things do you like?  What is the state you are in now?



Tunnel silhouettes near Quito

Dear Summer,

Our trip is going very well.  Ecuador is wonderful.  The people are very kind and the views are spectacular – we are beginning to see snow-capped peaks again!  It’s great that you enjoy riding your bike.  It is something you can enjoy for many years to come.  Piano is a wonderful instrument to learn.  I took lessons for a few years but took up other instruments as a I grew older.  On average, we ride about 120 kilometers, or 70 miles, a day.  It varies depending on the terrain and our overall health.

My family has a farm, too!  In addition to many kittens, we also have horses, cows, and dogs.  I like many things.  I have always enjoyed playing sports, namely soccer and basketball.  I also enjoy camping and exploring.  Last summer, I went backpacking in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming with three friends.  Photography, reading, music, and serving others are a few other interests I really enjoy.  Currently, we are in the Cotopaxi province of Ecuador. Its area surrounds Cotopaxi, an enormous volcano that soars close to 20,000 feet above sea level. Thanks for your letter!



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  1. Allison Stoltz #

    Hello David,

    We are learning about volcanoes. Is Cotopaxi dormant? When did it last erupt?
    Are you still having fun?
    Do you know what type of volcano it is? Ash and Cinder, Acid Lava Cone, Shield, or Composite Cone?
    Are you scared that a volcano might erupt?
    Do you know any interesting facts about volcanoes?
    Did you know that the largest volcano in the solar system is on Mars? It is 3 times taller than Mount. Everest.

    Have a good day,
    Ms. Stoltz’s class

    March 5, 2012
  2. Hi, I’m G.Helga in Eldstó Café, witch is in the south part of Iceland, see! In Iceland we have beautiful surroundings in our landscape, but it can be very windy sometimes. Me and my husband are mountain bikers, we have biked a lot in Iceland, but also in Scotland and Portugal. My profession is singing, but I have the 8.grade in singing, but I’m also a ceramic artist. My husband is a master potter in ceramic and we are now in the tourism business in Iceland.

    We love to have bikers in our cafe, because we really know how enjoying it is to travel on bike.
    There is nothing like it. The smell, the surrounding, the air and to be strong and healthy, and hungry, ha, ha, ha…

    We wish you a very nice trip and my God bless you.

    March 13, 2012

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