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Mailbag Monday #9

Today_we_continue our Mailbag Monday series…

Dear Nathan,

I’m Tara.  I live on a farm.   I love, love, love to ride horse.  Do you like to ride bike?  I sort of like to ride bike.  Do you live on a farm?



Roadside spectators

Hey Tara,

I had the privilege of growing up on a farm and have learned and seen so many things I wouldn’t have even dreamed of growing up in a different setting. The only pain was that it was difficult to get to town to hang with the city kids, so I had to play with my brothers and sister. My family grows a wide variety of crops including wheat, barley, and sunflowers. We’ve also had beef cattle over the years, which have lead to some pretty interesting school nights. We plan on having the cattle give birth to calves starting in February so it won’t conflict with farming in the summer. The majority of the cows tend to give birth during the day, but occasionally there are a few who miss the memo and wait till well after midnight to get to work. Since it is so cold about this time, as you probably know, we have to bring the calves in to dry them off and make sure they get their first drink of milk. It’s crucial for their immune systems to be fed within hours of being born. We usually bring the calves into the barn in a sleigh that we pull by hand, although I bet we could use our horses if we really needed an extra hand, or hoof.

I enjoyed riding horse when I was back home as a kid and still ride when I get the chance. Occasionally I’ll have friends and family come out to the farm to try to tame our feisty beasts. There is a mutual satisfaction between the rider and the horse. The rider gets a ride and the horse its oats.  Riding a bike and riding a horse are two completely different thrills, and I love them both. Stick with the bike and you never know where you might end up, and it won’t need any oats either.



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  1. krista #

    Hay muchas vacas en México?

    The horses will likely be fiestier than ever upon your return, and requiring more taming.

    Sleigh sounds like fun; Evan and I were discussing acquiring sleds now that we have snow. I want to experience sledding on the dike finally.

    January 23, 2012
    • Hay abundancia de vacas en Mexico.

      I might have to use some bicycle goat herding skills on them. The herding works well for goats and children, so I imagine it is cross compatible to horses.

      The dike was made and raised for sledding. The flood is just a conspiracy.

      January 24, 2012
      • krista #

        Alas that I have been ignorant these many years of the dike’s true purpose. I must redouble (and by that I mean… actually start) my efforts of locating a sled.

        January 25, 2012
  2. Allison Stoltz #

    Hello Nathan,
    Thanks for the great letter. Here are a few follow up questions.

    1) You have a sister?! What is her name and how old is she? AND WHY ISN”T SHE ON THE RIDE WITH YOU?
    2) Has there been any snow in Mexico?
    3) How close were those cows? Did they chase you?
    4) We saw that Krista wrote to you? Who is she, if you don’t mind us asking?

    Hope all is well. Winter has finally come to ND. We got snow over the weekend and the temperature has returned to the normal Jan. averages… BOOOOOO!

    Your friends,
    Ms. Stoltz’s class

    January 24, 2012
    • De nada!

      1) We have a adorable baby sister that is 17 years old, and she is focused on finishing high school right now. It is her senior year and she was worried that if she didn’t have a graduation in May we would extend our trip to infinity and beyond.
      2) We haven’t seen any snow since Crater Lake. It’s in the 80s right now and we’d love to see some precipitation.
      3) Cows have been roadside all through our Mexican journey. We have been tentative to reach out and touch them, but I’d say if we reached out we could touch them occasionally.
      4) She is a mutual friend of Ms. Stoltz’s and I! In Fargo I loved to go swing dancing, and have had the pleasure of meeting a ton of cool people through that. I haven’t been able to dance in Mexico yet, but I’m planning on busting a groove soon. Issues with dancing include a general lack of regular showers, and being completely exhausted after a day of biking.

      Thanks for writing!

      January 24, 2012
  3. Jim and Elizabeth Berg #

    Nathan, i am almost 18, and i am not the baby anymore!

    We miss you soo much! And maybe next summer we all can take a trip to Itasca like the good ol’ days. Biking, camping, swimming, and just plain old making memories. Love you guys! And be careful!! ❤

    January 24, 2012

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