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How You Help

Unsurprisingly, people will often ask us how they can help us.  Living by bicycle acquaints you well with the immense generosity and blessings of complete strangers.  I thought it would be wise to write here explicitly what makes a real difference for Bound South.

  • Donate to our cause.  This is why we ride.
  • Follow this website, and share it with everyone who could possibly enjoy it.
  • If you meet us on the road, give what you are able: a word of encouragement, a jar of peanut butter, or a place to pitch our tent.
  • If you cannot meet us on the road, send us an electronic message or a mailed package…or help us down the road.

We’ve raised over $4000 of our $60,000 goal.  Every donation counts, no matter how small, and 100% of your donation goes to Habitat for Humanity to build a home in Eastern North Dakota for a family in need.

We derive immense satisfaction from sharing the beautiful and powerful things we experience with an audience.  If you enjoy a post or have a question, please let us know in a comment.  If you use social media such as Facebook, share our updates; if only ten people did this every day our journey could quickly reach thousands of new readers.

We have received so much generosity from people across Alaska, Canada, and the United States.  We hope for that goodness to continue.  Even the small things matter; a few encouraging words from passing motorists have lifted our spirits during countless difficult climbs.  If you can offer more, a shower, laundry, and a roof to sleep under are spectacular gifts.

We thrive on the messages and comments we receive along our journey.  Cookies and care packages for our mail drops are always special treats.  Do not underestimate an encouraging word.  If you have family or friends or connections in the areas we pass through, please let us know.  A friendly face in an unfamiliar place will be a tremendous blessing, especially as we move south of the border through Central and South America.

Thank you to the many people who have helped us already in this journey from Alaska to Argentina.

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  1. Dawn Robson #

    Hey Guys, THANK YOU so much for keeping us updated! I an certain you have a book and movie deal on the other end of this!! Your writing and pictures are fantastic. Just have to say, all of your pictures are wonderful, but this one today particularly blessed me! It’s so wonderful and inspiring to know your family!
    Heads up and wheels to the road and many many blessings along the way!
    Dawn Robson

    November 1, 2011
  2. mkernkamp #

    Was thrilled to see ‘my’ Savannah on the blog with two of the Berg Brothers!! What a nice visit we had that Saturday in Spokane. Have a wonderful rest in San Francisco and visit with family. So glad Marta and Mom are making the trip west to see you. God bless you all.

    November 1, 2011
  3. I cannot begin to describe how much respect I have for you three. It is your generosity and good spirit that inspires those around you to help you out.

    Good luck on the rest of your journey and stay safe. I’ll send a package when I get the chance!

    November 2, 2011
    • Thanks Amy, neat to hear from you and we’ll look forward to the package!

      November 8, 2011
  4. teresa #

    Guys, I am now in Santiago and I want to know where exactly you are now to recommend you to some people I know around in Argentina! Take care, and good luck!

    November 19, 2011
    • Teresa, we roll south into the Baja of Mexico this weekend, reaching La Paz at the middle of December. We won’t reach Argentina until April! Thank you!

      November 19, 2011

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