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Mailbag Monday #7

Today_we_continue our Mailbag Monday series…

Dear David,

Hi my name is Delons.  I am 10 years old and I in 4th grade.  I was wondering do you ever get tired.  Do you ever miss home?  Are you excited to go to new places?



Pyramids behind, looking out over Lake Patzcuaro with our host, Bruno

Dear Delons,

Great to hear from you!  I do get tired.  We all do.  Abundant food and rest usually rejuvenates my energy store and alleviates my sore muscles.  Sometimes that isn’t enough, however.  I recently became afflicted with some food poisoning (prime suspect: beef tacos from a few days) and it takes much more rest and some medicine to feel well again.

I do miss home and times like this cause me to miss home the most; a comfy bed and a mother’s love always seem to be the best remedy when fighting illness.  While home and a North Dakota summer often occupy my mind, I always look forward to what is ahead.  Here in Mexico, we have met incredible people and families, seen volcanoes, pyramids, and butterfly sanctuaries, and experienced an entirely new culture.  No matter how nauseous I feel, my appetite and thirst for the road ahead is always perked when I think about lies ahead.

Thanks for your message!  We are currently staying with a family in Valle de Bravo.  By tomorrow, I should be well and ready to hit the road!