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Mailbag Monday #4

Today_we_continue our Mailbag Monday series…

Dear Isaiah,

Are you having a good time?  Do you like the food there?  I like the food here.  It’s about to be Halloween.  I’m going to be a Metel scull rider.  It’s realy cool.  I live on a ranch.  Where do you live.  I have 26 horses, 1500 cows, 5 dogs, 30 cats!  It’s realy fun to live in North Dakota.


Perfect lunch stop outside of Guerrero Negro

Dear Daxon,

I am sitting here resting in the city of La Paz, on the Sea of Cortez in Mexico’s Baja California Sur.  There is no question: I’m having a really, really good time.  The food in Mexico is spectacular.  I am a North Dakota farmkid who had his own beef cattle growing up as well.  I will never tire of Mexico’s delicious burritos and tacos with beef and beans and rice and more.  What’s more, the seafood in the Baja is spectacular!  North Dakotans sadly miss out on great seafood.  If you ever get the chance, make sure you eat some fresh fish tacos (pescado means fish in Spanish) by the beach because they will change your life.

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween and that you got a ton of candy (and no cavities in your teeth!).  We got our fill of candy from Halloween, that is for sure.  I live on a farm/ranch with my family near Devils Lake.  I have to say, we don’t have close to as many cows as you, but we have a large herd of cats that might give you a run for your money.  Living in North Dakota is a blessing; don’t take it for granted, or else you will only realize how special it is once you’re away.



Mailbag Monday #3

Today_we_continue our Mailbag Monday series…

Dear Nathan,

Hey do you know how many miles long your trip is all together?  Do you want to know one of my favorite things is biking.  My favorite color is red.  What is your favorite color?  I live in a yellow house.

Your friend,


Hello Gage,

I hope all is warm and well back in North Dakota. My brothers and I are over halfway down the Baja, and the temperatures seem to hover between sixty and eighty degrees. In each town we pass through the people seem be wearing double or triple the amount of clothing that we are, especially when wearing our tank tops.

I don’t think I could give you the exact mile, foot, and inch where we are setting down the bikes and running into the ocean holding hands. Hitting the seventeen thousand mile mark is probably a reasonable goal. Even though I didn’t cover the same amount of distance as a kid biking around the farm was a blast. Ramps were erected from blocks of wood to spare tractor parts. Once upon a time there were thoughts of riding down a slide in the backyard, luckily we decided to bike on safer terrain later in life. My family went on annual camping trips, bringing a fleet of bicycles for bike path and trail use. These vacations were times of rest away from the hustle and bustle of the farm. My favorite color when I was a kid was blue, and I’ve decided that it is currently closer to a teal color.  I hope you can sleep soundly with your house being any other color than your favorite.

Thank you for taking the time to write me and tell me about yourself! I hope you enjoy the rest of school and have an amazing Christmas break. We are planning on hanging ornaments on some form of vegetation and having a little party of our own. It will most likely be in the Mexican desert, so we’ll make the most of it.

Nice to hear from you!

Your friend,


Mailbag Monday #2

TodayOweOcontinue our Mailbag Monday series…


Dear David,

I hope you are having fun.  Do your legs ever hurt?  Oh and by the way my name is Taiya and my dad is a farmer and we live on a farm and I have a brother and mom.  Oh and I’m a cow girl to! We have four hourses.  Rosebud.  She is 31 years old me her want to do bearlle racing I hope to become a famous bearlle racer and a country singer.  Oh and I love pets.  Ok that’s some things about me for you to know.  Now lets talk about you.  So do you like pets.  Do you restle with your brothers?  Oh and last but not least are you having fun?  And thats it.



Dear Taiya,

I’m having a blast! My legs hurt sometimes, but they feel very strong right now. A day or rest is the best medicine for tired legs. My dad is a farmer, too! Now, I don’t really consider myself a cowgirl… Rather, I like to think of myself as a cowboy, or even a bicycle cowboy! We have two horses on our farm. That’s wonderful! Keep working hard, and I’m sure great things will come. I love pets, too! We don’t have any with us, but I’m sure Isaiah or Nathan would go for a couple puppy dogs if they had handlebar baskets! Wrestling only occurs if one’s personal space is invaded, which happens from time to time. I’m having a lot of fun! Thanks for your letter, Taiya!



Mailbag Monday #1

For the past few weeks we have been enjoying a number of letters from some very special students.  We were notified that an elementary school in North Dakota was enraptured by our journey from Alaska and was eagerly following our every posting about Canadian mudslides and bike rides and more.  At our last mail drop, we got their letters; countless handwritten missives by third-graders who were quite enthusiastic to share our North Dakotan commonalities and investigate the strange wonders of our bicycle expedition.  Monday will now become Mailbag Monday at Bound South, where we will share these letters and our responses.




Dear Isaiah,

My name is Michaela.  I am 9.  I do not like to ride bike up hills but I love going down them.  Do you like riding bike?  How long do you ride a day.  Do you ever get tired?  Is there anything you are really looking forward to?  I drove to Vermont with my moms friend Gary, my grandpa, my mom, and my brother.  I live in ND.  What are all of the states you are going to see?  And how on earth did you make your own bike?  My class is third grade.  How old are you?  when is your birthday?  What is your favorite color?  My birthday is July 2, 2002.  My favorit color is black.  Do you ever eat at a restraunt?  Do you get to go to bed or do you drive that whole time?  Why did you choose to ride bycycle?  I would drive atleast a motorcycl.  I hope you don’t fall off your bike with all that stuff on it.  I have three siblings Austin, Carter, and Jason.  They are all boys!  I think yours are David and Nathan, hey, they are all boys too but I am a girl and you are obviously a boy.



Dear Michaela,

I have always liked to think that I love riding bike uphill and downhill.  I just love riding uphill a lot less!  Riding bike for me is about freedom; it’s a form of incredible transportation that can take you almost anywhere under your own power.  It’s the mechanical fulfillment of the human engine.  It is beautiful to me, even when I am totally exhausted from it.  Yes, even us three Pan-American bicycle adventurers get tired from riding!  We like to ride about sixty or seventy miles in a day.

I think that I am looking forward to the vast regions below the US-Mexico border more than anything.  The Andes and Tierra del Fuego are always on my mind, but they do not distract me from the beauty I get to see every day.  The US states of Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and California have been spectacular in their own way and I hope that we capture that on our website.

I’m 22 years old, I was born on June 15th, and my favorite color is blue.  I most definitely sleep at night, and sometimes even during the day when I get the chance.  If I ever get the crazy idea to do this trip again one day, I bet I’ll be riding a motorcycle and eating at more restaurants.  I hope I don’t fall off my bike either!  If there was ever any doubt about whether we were boys, this trip has cleared it up.